The Geneva Convention of Human F**ks – Tour Kit

Show Description

The Geneva Convention of Human F**ks tells the story of three men as they go on their latest sex tour of Europe. Set just before COVID hits, we follow Michael, Liam and Peter as they describe the various brothels, prostitutes and more obscure sexual offerings that they encounter. In this time they tackle their ethics around various issues such as prostitution, #metoo, sex trafficking and even global warming.

Performed entirely by women performers, the show is a sometimes funny, sometimes groan-inducing exploration of toxic masculinity, sex tourism and the friendship between three men.

Written and Directed by company co-founder Charlie Whitworth, this shows launches Yet To Be with its mission to create original, punchy and entertaining work for audiences. 

The play would be suitable for traditional theatre slots as well as late night showings – could be easily performed after an another production in a later slot due to its minimal staging requirements.

Trailer – 2023 Tour

Netflix style Trailer – 2021

Audience Development and Box Office Success

The show was first performed in an R&D showing at the very first Exeter Fringe Festival in 2019 to a sold-out audience. The show was then performed in its completed form in October 2021 at the Exeter Phoenix (as part of Exeter Fringe 2021) in the main studio space. Capacity had to be increased in the venue to handle demand as the standard theatre set up for the space sold out days in advance of the performance.

In 2022 the show completed its development, performing across festivals and in lots of different spaces to test the show in different environments and to different audiences. The show went to music festival Nozstock, Ventnor Festival, Watford Fringe and Stroud Theatre Festival. Off the back of this run, we have tweaked and enhanced the show by continually collecting audience feedback so that Geneva is ready for a studio-level run.

Marketing Copy

‘You place your order and sit down in one of the cubicles. The girl you’ve ordered comes over, delivers the coffee and then ducks under the table to get to business.’

Three blokes decide to do a grand sex tour of Europe to sample all the forbidden and exploited delights that the continent has to offer.

Performed entirely by women, The Geneva Convention of Human F**ks follows Liam, Peter and Michael on their travels as sex tourists as they question what they think is right and wrong, challenge their friendship to breaking point and revise their relationship as men to women.

Running Time – 65 minutes

Age Guidance – 18+

The play contains themes and tackles issues that some people may find uncomfortable viewing such as sex tourism, sex trafficking and #metoo.

The play contains some bad language and descriptions of sexual acts.

Target Audience

College / University students. Fringe theatre-goers. New writing audiences. Audiences that enjoy thought-provoking theatre. Middle-aged audiences. Challenging Theatre audiences. Dark Comedy audiences. Late-night audiences. Stand up comedy audiences. Issue related play audiences. Politically engaged audiences.

Recent Review

“Yet To Be have put humanity in and on these shells of people and in doing so they have staked a claim that they are ready to explore unique storytelling and uncomfortable territory. The Geneva Convention of Human F**ks is bold, jarring, physical and questioning.

Yet To Be have entered the building.”The People’s Republic of South Devon

References for the show

‘A riveting and highly original look at lad culture.’ Daniel Buckroyd, Artistic Director, Lichfield Garrick

‘The company delivered first-class performances in a show that shines an uncomfortable light on the realities of sex tourism. The show ignited so much important conversation and was handled brilliantly by the company before, during and after the show.’ Adam Fuller, Co-Founder, Front Room

“Geneva Convention was one of my top picks of the festival. It’s a hysterical take on toxic masculinity that will make you think as much as it makes you laugh. The audience were so engaged and had plenty to discuss in the bar after the show.” Alex Jackson, Festival Director, Exeter Fringe Festival

This piece brings belly laughs that make you question yourself. As thought-provoking as it is funny.”
Louisa Morgan, Cygnet Theatre, Marketing and Programming officer

“A raucous and riotous look at toxic masculinity, lad culture and male friendships in all its (in)glorious forms. I laughed and groaned in equal measure – a thought-provoking, razor sharp piece. A real highlight of the festival.” Anna Millward, Programming Nozstock Festival

Audience Feedback

Tech Spec

Photographer – Ben Kapur

The show needs minimal tech and has no set. We use three chairs and nothing else. The show can be performed in virtually any space end on or thrust. The show would also suit a cabaret seating set up.

Minimum performance space: Approx. 7m wide x 3m deep

No sound is required. No projection is required. Basic lighting is required.

Rehearsal Shots

Photographer for all rehearsal and promo images – Ben Kapur

Cast pics and bios

Marketing Materials

– including company logo and marketing images

Who we are

Yet To Be is a performance company based in the South West of England, which brings together Charlie Whitworth and Marina O’Shea. The focus of Yet To Be is to produce thought-provoking, original performance work. 

We look forward to bringing you work that is vital for its audiences; that ignites curiosity, discussion and which challenges whilst it entertains.

Yet To Be were formed in 2021 bringing together Charlie Whitworth of Write By Numbers/ Eager Spark and Marina O’Shea of O’Shea & O’Gaukroger / O&O Physical Theatre Ensemble.


Photographer – Ben Kapur